Keeper's Crawl

Deep through the overgrown trails, past the creatures that crawl, making you wish you brought a tent this time instead of a sleeping bag, with the ingenious idea of making the Earth your bed, sits the tiny town of Keeper's Crawl.

A town packed full of a nightmarish history(and present?) of All Hallows Eve, and one man's attempt to take advantage of the thin veil seperating us from the spirits craving passage on the creepiest of creepy nights.


The grounds. From his mortal days, the house of Keeper. And, lying in it's shadow, the burial grounds, which extend into the wetlands and the swamp. The shops of the townspeople, along with the depot; the rails, giving passage to all kinds -- human and not.

The pumpkin patch; the joy of the people, come every harvest. But, in the recent, the festivities have been far from festive.

And, of course, throughout the grounds, the ongoing mystery of just what happened to Keeper, and who, or what, put him to rest in his tomb.


Under. Down under. Crawling through the tunnels imagined by Keeper himself. Formed from the hands of the unimaginable. It is the unimaginable who crawl.

When the choice is given, the well informed will not go down under.

"Below the stale dirt of the graveyard, the gears grind with the passing of the seasons, creating the alignment of each critical corroded part, for All Hallow's Eve."

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Keeper's Crawl

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